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Keyless Protector


Whether for your partner’s car, your child or close relatives, don’t leave them at risk of losing their vehicles too with this new way of vehicle theft.

🔒 100% Satisfaction, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


Immediately BLOCK thieves from accessing your smart key car and save 1000’s in premiums

Protect your car against relay theft and feel at ease wherever you lock and leave

Don’t be stuck in a tight spot without wheels. Always stay one step ahead!

The World’s First Electronic Keyless Fob Protection
  • Patent technology prevents thieves intercepting and cloning your keyless vehicle key
  • Simple, safe, easy DIY installation into vehicle keyless key that will not affect your vehicle warranty
  • Supports all vehicle brands and the keyless go  keys
  • Will not affect the keyless key functions
🔒 100% Satisfaction, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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The sneaky NEW way that SA thieves steal your car in just 30 secs

Watch a relay attack in action!

Anyone can fool your car’s security system.

Criminals start by boosting your smart key signal from wherever it is (like wifi).

This tricks your car into thinking it’s nearby.

They can then enter your car and drive off without you noticing.

Keyless Protector disables your key fob, making it impossible to use your smart remote signal and access your car.

How it works

The Keyless Protector in action

System Activation

Automatically secures the keyfob, when you leave the car. As a result, the key signal will not be intercepted.

System Deactivation

Double tap the keyfob that is in the pocket of your pants or bag to open the door and start the engine.


It has the form of a clip, which easily and quickly can be put on the keyfob battery without interfering with the car’s electrical system.

Relay Attacks

Applies to cars equipped with smart keys. The theft requires a minimum of two thieves with two suitcases / folders that act as a scanner / amplifier and data receiver / transmitter.

HANDS-FREE functionality – Automatically activates and deactivates with 2 taps.

Advanced theft tactics require advanced solutions

Notice how Keyless Protector stacks against other systems


✅ Prevents cloning and copying of your keyless key signal and access to your vehicle

✅ Doesn’t affect the keyless key functions

✅ Once off and cost-effective investment

✅ Simple self-installation in your keyless key

✅ Works without fail to ensure your peace of mind


❌ Security only works after you car is accessed. Logging claims can raise insurance premiums.

❌ Extra part to carry around limits your full keyless function.

❌ Monthly installments and installation fees

❌ Risk losing your warranty with pro-installation needed on your car’s wiring and software

❌ If the tracker gets jammed or removed, you’ll likely replace your stolen car with a downgrade and pay much more for it (might as well kiss goodbye the nice getaway you’ve been saving for)

Compatible with all smart car keys and 30+ vehicle makes and models

Watch this video and install yours in 2 minutes, first try.

You don’t need apps, extra parts or any technical knowledge. 

This tiny device that fixes into your key fob is all it takes to secure your car.

Since this is the first of its kind, we could only acquire a limited quantity for 800 vehicles and it won't be restocked soon.

40% OFF will be applied to the first 200 units sold. Be quick, before they’re all sold out!