“Relay Attack”

Applies to cars equipped with smart keys. The theft requires a minimum of two thieves with two suitcases / folders that act as a scanner / amplifier and data receiver / transmitter. These suitcases communicate with the car’s key and intercept the vehicle’s opening signal and start the engine. It does not matter where the key is located; if it is inside the building, eg: home, office, or it is in the owner’s pocket, purse or file, it is possible to capture the signal through the scanner / amplifier even from a distance of 8 meters from the key. The amplification of the signal is so strong that it is possible to transfer it to the second receiver / transmitter next to the car for distances up to 800 meters! The car “thinks” that the owner opens the original key. Thieves inflict theft of the car in an incredibly fast way. Theft lasts an average of 6 seconds! All car brands equipped with a keyless system are exposed to this type of theft. Since 2012, the system has become popular not only in luxury cars, it is installed in cars of all manufacturers in the world.